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Hello! My name is Bonnie and I want to thank you for visiting today! This site is primarily built to assist families with children and some of the topics to be covered are:

Raising children
Being a married couple, to the birth of a child
Raising toddlers, tweens, teens
The social networking arena and that includes cell phones, text messaging and Facebook
What about sex? Learn more to help you help your children

So who am I? I am a mom of eight and although I am not a professional I can certainly share with you my trials and tribulations of raising four girls and four boys! My life is full and I so love being a mom! You get to watch that little infant grow into an adult and feel the sense of pride along with all the gray hairs that came along during that growth period!

I learn so many new things from my own family everyday that I want to share it with you and what better way than through this site. I also have an email newsletter with monthly contests with even more tips and advice to help you parents out!

Check back often since there is so much to share with you. Know someone else who may need a bit of advice or that ‘unwritten childrens owner manual’? I’d be obliged if you sent them my way! I want to help as much as I can.

Thank you and if the moment moves you, I’d love to hear your comments on anything that I present to you here on my site!

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Thanks You
Bonnie aka Mom Of 8



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  1. Hi Bonnie! So happy to see you in Twitter Land earlier!

    Starting this blog was a great idea! I think I will certainly be using you as a resource!

    If you would like to start doing Entrecard, please feel free to sign up under me (or any of your readers can too)!

    Here is my last post on the topic…

    It’s a great way to encourage traffic to your site and a great way to meet other bloggers too!

    • Thank you I’ll have a look.

  2. Hi Bonnie! I’d like to sign up for your newsletter. If there was suppose to be a link, it didn’t work, so I came in here.

    (well, I tried to leave this with my eddress but when I pressed Submit Comment, it took me to a page that said ‘dicarded’. How rude! So here I am back again, and NOT leaving my eddress to see if it helps.) I still want your newsletter. You know where to find me LOL

  3. OK, it did that twice. When I took out my website address where it TELLS us to put our name eddresss and website, it finally worked. Sheesh!

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