Expecting A Baby

Your expecting your first child.
I feel this is the most important time
of a women life. Knowing you are caring a life inside you.

There so many wonderful things
you will experiences now.

Your will go threw so many changes
with your body now.

You will gain weight around 25 to 30 pounds. You my go threw morning sickness. Best thing for morning sickness is ginger ale soda and crackers. Some women my have morning sickness threw the hole pregnancy and others my not.Your breast will start to enlarge do to you
being pregnant and they will get filled with milk. Your breast my even hurt some at times.

Your hormones will change to and you my find yourself really moody or upsets. This usually pass to.

You my even get craving for certain foods. Mine was either salty or sweet. My most unusual craving was pickles and ice cream.

You will feel your baby moving as he or she get bigger. What a wonderful time this is to feel that special little one move inside you.

You will have lots of doctors appointments to go to. You will
have sonograms and ultra sounds
done. I remember seeing our child for the first time. Seeing there little hands and toes was so joyful to see.
Our last son even picked his hand up like he was waving to us. It was cute.

You will need to follow your doctors advice and take all victims you are given.

When it comes time to giving birth.
You need to be prepaid and have a
little bag or luggage packed. Some hospitals will let you ware your own night cloths after you have your baby others wont. Check with the hospital first. Make sure any valuables are left at home.

I recommend before you have your child to visit the hospital or birthing center and get to know the doctors and nurse there. All so ask any and all questions while visiting. This is a big help to do before the child comes.

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  1. […] Expecting A Baby « Mom Of 8 momof8.wordpress.com/expecting-a-baby – view page – cached You will gain weight around 25 to 30 pounds. You my go threw morning sickness. Best thing for morning sickness is ginger ale soda and crackers. — From the page […]

  2. Great thoughts and a entire blog could be written on each thing you spoke of. What a process. Dads need to be in the mix as well as I always saw that we were pregnant as a couple. My wife only said three things during pregnancy–“I’m hungry, It stinks in here and STOP touching me!” I’m sure some can relate. Blessings. Marc

    • Thank you very much for your comments.

      Marc so agree with you there so much
      that could be done with ever thing I’ve
      said in this blog.

      I all so agree that both parents do go threw
      being pregnant together would love for you to
      be a guest blogger on this for the dad’s view
      besides I’m hungry, It stinks in here and STOP touching me!”

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